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Craig Fay is a mild mannered engineer by day and stand up comedian by night. Comparisons to superheroes are both welcomed and encouraged at this point.

In fact his comedy powered super adventures have lead him to perform at the world famous Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and saw him named Toronto.com’s Funniest Torontionian.

He’s even gone full multimedia, appearing on television (iChannel’s No Kidding), radio (CBC’s Laugh Out Loud) and has even written a humourous guest blog for Scientific American.

For a regular dose of his comedic musings you can follow him on twitter (@CraigFayComedy), like him on Facebook (/CraigFayComedy), visit his website (CraigFay.com) or just Google him. You’ll probably just Google him.


Awards & Reviews

Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Nominee – Best new comer

Toronto.com’s Funniest Torontonian at JFL 42

Just For Laughs Homegrown Comic Competition -Nominee

“You got some mad smart content yo!” -Actual Audience Member

“…But do me a favour and pay attention to Craig Fay’s set. He hosted Myq Kaplan’s recent stint in Toronto a few weeks ago, and I was really taken aback. His appearance was clean cut, all dress shirt, tie, and cardiganned out. As the evening went on, I noticed that he was firing on all cylinders, casually crushing with crowd work and progressively subversive material (subversive for his dress code, anyways). It was one of those performances when you realize, ‘Oh, this guy is genuinely funny.’ You don’t see that everyday.” – Michael Jagdeo, BlogTO



Craig Fay Stand Up 2016


Writer’s Block


Swine Flu Vaccine


Craig Fay Fresh Meat Showcase 2009


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You May Be Socially Awkward

[Inside] But you’re my kind of Socially Awkward




Cat-FurCat Fur


Please Take Off Your Shoes at the Door

[Inside] I want your socks to be covered in cat fur.



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May the Sun Always Shine Down on You…

[Inside] As a constant reminder that there is a giant nuclear-powered fireball in the sky just barely holding it together