Read This and You’ll Never Drink Coke Again

You’ve probably heard about how Coke is absolutely awful for you and you should never drink it. How it’s acidic like ACID, that it can be used to de-grease engines and how it has this awful CHEMICAL reaction with milk because Coke is a CHEMICAL.

If you still need further convincing that you should NEVER drink Coke try this experiment at home. You’ll be completely disgusted.

Start with half a glass of Coke and add a couple of ice cubes. Now measure out 1 oz. of whiskey and pour it into the coke and wait.



Look! After about 5 minutes nearly HALF of the mixture is gone!


Waiting another 5 minutes and now all the liquid is gone! The only thing that remains are the ice cubes. Disgusting.


Repeating the experiment you’ll now find that the same amount of Coke now contains double the whiskey.

Once again not only does the mixture disappear again but the ice cubes have completely melted. That’s right, sitting in Coke has the same effect on ice as sitting in FIRE!



But wait, it gets worse. After about an hour not only does the Coke keep disappearing, its started to ruin friendships by being unnecessarily argumentative.



The Coke has is making the glass move around the counter and making you spill it all over the counter.  Coke is making it really hard to do SCIENCE RIGHT NOW!



Wait a little longer and you’ll soon discover that the Coke has made your girlfriend lock herself in the bathroom crying.



The Coke and the glass have now transformed completely into only a bottle of whisky.



The Coke has now made you lose your shirt. You don’t know where it is, but fuck it, it’s more comfortable this way anyway.




Now the Coke is making cars honk at you. Fuck those cars! You’re a PEDESTRIAN. You’re allowed to be in the STREET! You don’t give a fuck that your girlfriend locked you out the apartment, why should you care if some ASSHOLE in an a FUCKING JETTA is honking at you.


The Coke has made the whiskey disappear. The bottle has been made completely empty by the Coke.


What the fuck Coke? What did you do with my whiskey, you fucking chemical, garbage shit. I don’t need convincing not to drink you. YOU need convincing to give me my fucking whiskey back asshole.

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Now the Coke has spontaneously caused the empty whiskey bottle to SHATTER on the sidewalk.


And finally the Coke makes the police show up




Disgusting! I don’t know what they’re putting in Coke to make it do all this but I sure as hell won’t be putting that GARBAGE in MY body.

You should do the same. Go to your fridge right now, dump out all your Coca Cola and do as I do. Drink your whiskey straight.

Your body will thank you.