National Short Girls Day

No it’s not. No one is celebrating this.

If it is, please feel free to show me the declaration by the government or a national organization or anything that isn’t a picture on Facebook. 
Good thing it happened to be National Short Girls day on the very day you stumbled across this picture and re-posted it. I mean it could have been any day since it’s not specifically stated as “Sept 10”, but the picture says “today” so it must be THIS day! Right? No way anything on the internet is more than a day old. If all you need is a dateless picture to believe it’s a “day” I’ve got some doozies that prove that today is Christmas, my birthday and the wedding anniversary of Julius Caesar and Billy the Kid.

Is this really something that requires a national day to recognize? Are we really suppose to, as a nation, contemplate the difficulties of being a girl who is at the lower end of normal human height distribution?

Aids, Women, Earth, Martin Luther King Jr and Short Girls? Do you seriously look at that list and think to yourself “all of these are equally worthy of the nations time”? “Oh no, when I kiss a tall guy he has to bend down.” What a tough hand to be dealt. Thank you for drawing attention to your struggle.

Stop it. Stop declaring things days because you want some day for your group to feel “special”. You want a day to feel special? That’s your birthday. And actually your not special on your birthday either. Feeling special on your birthday is for 8 year olds not adults like you who know what an actual accomplishment is.
It’s not a day. Stop trying to make it a day.