I Hate Craig Fay

Earlier today I was Googling my own name because I was bored and curious as to where this website would appear on the listings. There were the predictable sites associated with my name, YouTube videos I’d uploaded, contests I had entered, clubs I’d performed in, when much to my surprise I came across this:


Yup, someone has made a website entitled “I Hate Craig Fay: The Website”

I’ll admit this bothers me a little. Not in the “Oh my God, how could anyone do that to me!” way but in the “This is a puzzle I can’t figure out” sort of way.

First of all, I’m not even sure if it’s something created by someone who actually hates me, or if it’s a joke.

If someone actually hates me, I don’t know why. The website seems to suggest that I’m boring and not funny. And hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions but I can’t imagine putting all that effort into creating a website just because you found someone boring and unfunny. Boredom isn’t typically an emotion you feel so intensely that you need to put it out there on the internet.

If it’s a joke, I guess it’s funny. But how do you ensure that I even see the site? Again seems like a lot of effort to put into something in the hopes I’ll just randomly come across it on the internet.

It’s a perplexing mystery but here is what I know so far:

  • Someone accessed this website by using the search term “I hate Craig Faye” on February 20. So not only do I have someone who hates me, but they can’t even bother spelling my name right.
  • The first post on “I Hate Craig Fay” is dated February 10.
  • Whoever created the site has obviously been to craigfay.com because they took my picture and bio off the site to incorporate into their own.
  • There are a few references to the content of my act on the site. This could be because the person has seen me perform live, or they have watched my videos on YouTube.
  • THEY ARE UPDATING THE SITE! When I went to go visit it to write this article they have added my tweet about discovering the website…and even more as I write this.

What can we deduce from these clues? That the perpetrator is someone on the internet!

Maybe it’s the hackers from Anonymous. That’ll mean I’ve hit the big time!

I’ll keep you posted.